Founded in September 2018, the civic association EuropaNow! seeks to promote the incarnation of the European Union and its founding values of liberty, democracy and solidarity through actions and initiatives which advance the spirit of European patriotism.

We believe that Europe is now the necessary condition for politics in a world increasingly divided into macro-regions. But the realisation of greater and more concrete European cohesion is unimaginable if it is based only on necessity, economic calculation and utility.

The European Union should assert itself, first and foremost, fundamentally and viscerally, as the expression of a desire and a collective project, a common feeling of belonging, an identity and a shared imagination. In essence, a narrative which has its roots in the memory of the tragic experiences of the 20th century, of the two world wars and the battle against totalitarianism, most especially when obscurantism and nationalism, internal and external, are threatening the continent once again.

It is in this context that, among other initiatives, EuropaNow! is distributing European flags on the streets of Europe as a reminder that they belong, above all, to every citizen.

Because the basis of a political Union embodying democracy and solidarity is the equal rights of its citizens, EuropaNow! calls for the construction of a European Republic which always keeps in mind the invitation of Vaclav Havel: “Without dreaming of a better Europe, we shall never build a better Europe“.

Manifesto of EuropaNow!

Founding members

  • Gian-Paolo Accardo
  • Maurizio d’Amore
  • Eric Jozsef
  • Francesca Paci
  • Gianna Radiconcini

Our statute