about us

EuropaNow! was founded in September 2018
with the aim of promoting campaigns and initiatives from below to give citizens the opportunity to regain possession of European symbols and values, countering sovereignism and nationalism with a feeling of European patriotism.

Our actions often lead us to the streets, to meeting places, stadiums and concerts, to relaunch shared values ​​and make the intimate conviction of belonging to a community with a common destiny ever more concrete and visible.

We believe that Europe is today the only condition of politics in the near future of a world increasingly divided into macro-regions. But we cannot imagine achieving greater and more concrete European cohesion on the basis of economic calculation and convenience alone.

The European Union must establish itself first of all as an expression of a collective will and project, of a feeling of common belonging, of a shared identity and imagination, which have their roots in the memory of the tragic experiences of the twentieth century, of the two World Wars and the struggle against totalitarianisms, especially in a historical phase in which obscurantism and nationalists, internal and external, once again threaten the continent.

EuropeNow! it also pursues the goal of a deep transformation of the Union, for a stronger, more just, more united and democratic Europe. Together with other organizations and in different cities, in 2020 it launched a construction site to open the horizon of a European Republic founded on the equality of civil, social and political, environmental and cultural rights.

Our board:
Francesca Paci, Ermanno Brugnoli, Eric Jozsef, Adriana Castellano, Maurizio d’Amore, Patrizia Ciocci, Gian-Paolo Accardo, Andrea Zanello, Carolina Popolani, Federica Manzitti, Giorgio Stamatopoulos

Founding Members: Gian-Paolo Accardo, Eric Jozsef, Francesca Paci, Maurizio d’Amore, Gianna Radiconcini

In 2019, EuropaNow! received the Spinelli Prize of the European Commission

“without dreaming of a better Europe, we shall never build a better Europe.”
Vaclav Havel

Our statute

Manifesto of EuropaNow!

contact us: info@europanow.eu