A Swim for Europe 

3rd edition – 16/18 of July 2021, Ventotene

A dive into the dream of the EU’s founding fathers

within the limits of available places

send us your signed registration request at info@europanow.eu

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1700 meters swim at the origin of the European dream, from the island of Santo Stefano to the beach of Ventotene island, to reaffirm the urgence to commit in relaunching the founding values of the European Union and to reclaim a new Europe based on equality rights.

It is in this spirit that EuropaNow! every summer since 2019, organizes this non-competitive open water swimming race on the island where Altiero Spinelli and Ernesto Rossi wrote the Manifesto for a Free and United Europe, also known as Manifesto of Ventotene.

Despite these restrictions, we considered essential to mantain the appointment for 2021, the third edition which is particularly important for the 80th anniversary of the Ventotene Manifesto, and because it is also the year of the Conference on the Future of Europe (#CoFoe).

To move away nationalist threats, it is necessary not only to remember that the roots of the EU lie in the memory of the tragedies of the twentieth century but also to rediscover the courage of the founding fathers to imagine radical changes, to build a Europe founded on the equality of rights of all citizens: political, social, fiscal, environmental and civil rights. Participating in the Natalonga per l’Europa means symbolically reaching this goal by swimming.

After the 1st edition, which in 2019 involved 50 swimmers including the olympic athlete Emmanuel Font and the grandchildren of Altiero Spinelli, the 2nd in 2020 saw a limited participation to 12 swimmers (as many as the stars of the European flag) due to the post-Covid health measures.

THE 12 STARS OF THE EUROPEAN FLAG 2020 edition Video [3.13″]

FOR A EUROPE THAT LEAVES NO ONE BEHIND 2019 edition Video [2.50″]

2020 edition PRESS REVIEW

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The Swim for Europe is organized in collaboration with the Municipality of Ventotene and the European Commission Representation in Italy