Manifesto for a European Patriotism

“If we are not able to dream of a better Europe, we will never build a better Europe” Vaclav Havel

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Message de Bernard GUETTA
“Il est minuit moins cinq…”

6 October 1PM

A pic-nic for Europe

Parco Massari – Internazionale a Ferrara
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An open air snack against the return of divisions, racism and discriminations, and for relaunching a European patriotism.

Stefano Boeri, Daniel Cohn-Bendit, Bernard Guetta, Dacio Maraini, Paolo Rumiz, Roberto Saviano, Daniele Vicari, Paolo Virzì,
garagErasmus, Gioventù Federalista, Europea

Gian-Paolo Accardo/VoxEurop
Ulrike Guérot/European Democracy Lab
Gabor Horvath/Népszava
Jacopo Iacoboni/La Stampa
Eric Jozsef/EuropaNow!
Marc Lazar/Sciences Po-Luiss
Marta Lempart/Polish Women’s Strike
Jean Quatremer/Libération
Andrea Pipino/Internazionale
Michael Zichy/Universität Salzburg, 13.10 promoter

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To defend our democracy, join forces and demand a more united, more popular, more federal, and more sympathetic Europe!
EuropaNow! supports the 13-10 movement’s call to action (

After the European Picnic to revive European patriotism, held on October 6th at the Internazionale Festival in Ferrara where we met philosopher and initiator of 13-10, Michael Zichy, it’s time to take to the streets with a multitude of organisations and young Europeans.

Don’t underestimate the threat from those who want to build new walls.
It’s time to take action together and demand more democratic and social rights.

We want a new Europe, Now!

Our video

Sixty years from the signature of the treaty of Rome we made this video to celebrate ‘the most extraordinary political invention of modern History‘. In collaborazione con Voxeurop