Pawel Adamowicz
‘s solemn funeral will take place at 12 in Gdansk, the city he was the mayor of. EuropaNow! will pay a tribute to his sacrifice in Rome, at the Consulate of Poland.
Another European hero!

A European hero who fought for equal rights and for integration.
All European citizens should cherish and take example of his political and moral legacy.

It’s time for action!

In view of the European Parliament elections in Spring 2019, EuropaNow! and the European Democracy Lab urge all European associations and organisations to move beyond the fragmentation which has until now impeded the success of individual initiatives. The common objective is to issue a commitment charter for a more united, democratic, federal, fair and fraternal Europe, which will be presented to every political force standing for election.

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In Prague we pay tribute to Jan Palach with the European flag

On 16 January 2019, fifty years after Jan Palach’s self-immolation, the EuropaNow! pro-European association will be in Prague to pay tribute to the young student who, with his gesture, wanted to wake his fellow citizens up after the Warsaw Pact armies invaded Czechoslovakia.
The sacrifice of Jan Palach, like those of Jan Zajic and Evzen Plocek in the following weeks, belongs to the common memory of all Europeans.

Let us never forget that the European Union is deeply rooted in the memory of the tragic experiences of the 20th century and in the fight against totalitarianism and for freedom.
At a time when obscurantism and nationalists are once again threatening the Continent, it is essential to recall that Jan Palach is an exemplary figure for the Czech people as well all European. He embodies the foundations of our brotherly pact.
In paying tribute to the European hero Jan Palach, EuropaNow! also wishes to celebrate the courage of all Charter 77 signatories and in particular of Václav Havel who was once again imprisoned thirty years ago, on 16 January 1989, by the communist regime’s political police for having wanted to lay a wreath at the site of the student’s immolation. A few months later, when he became President, he urged all European citizens:
“if we are not able to dream of a better Europe, we will never build a better Europe”.

EuropaNow! will be present, in the morning from 10 a.m. and in the afternoon from 5 p.m., at Václavské náměstí 42 (in front of the Paul shop) to meet all those wishing to pay tribute to Jan Palach in a spirit of European fraternity. We will then move together towards Jan Palach’s memorial.

On this occasion, EuropaNow! will make European flags freely available to reaffirm the will to defend the Union’s common values and demand a new Europe, stronger, more just, more democratic, united and federal.
A Europe that is no longer only a Europe of nations and of budgetary rules, but a Europe of equal rights and citizens.


Our challenges to the political parties for the European elections of May 2019


Manifesto for a European Patriotism

“If we are not able to dream of a better Europe, we will never build a better Europe” Vaclav Havel

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A flag of Europe on every window

On 8 December, 2018, the day the Interior minister Matteo Salvini’s League organised a rally against Europe in Rome, toghether with the Young European Federalists, EuropaNow! launched the initiative “Una bandiera dell’Europa a ogni finestra” – ”A flag of Europe on every window”.

“A flag of Europe at every window to claim and embody a new Europe that is more united, fraternal, supportive and federal.” In the days before the rally, we distributed more than 500 EU flags, and people shared pictures of them from all over Italy.

Demonstration for an
European Republic

On 10 November, 2018, hundred years after the end of WW1 and on the anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall, EuropaNow! organised, along with the Young European Federalists, a demonstration in Piazza Santi Apostoli, near the Roman Forum, a demonstration “for a European Republic”.

We wanted to show support to political scientist Ulrike Guérot and author Robert Menasse’s European Balcony Project, wich was also supported, among others, by intellectuals and artists like Etienne Balibar, Carolin Emcke, Srecko Horvath, Elfriede Jelinek, Milo Rau e Saskia Sassen.

European Balcony Project Manifesto

White night for Europe

On 3 November, 2018, EuropaNow! organised a pro-European call to action during the “Notte bianca per l’Europa” – the “White Night for Europe”, wich was celebrated in Turin, along with musicians Max Casacci from Subsonica, and Daniele Mana, journalist Tonia Mastrobuoni, assessor Ilda Curti, and computer scientist Andrea Stroppa.

6 October 1PM

A pic-nic for Europe

Parco Massari – Internazionale a Ferrara
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An open air snack against the return of divisions, racism and discriminations, and for relaunching a European patriotism.

Stefano Boeri, Daniel Cohn-Bendit, Bernard Guetta, Dacio Maraini, Paolo Rumiz, Roberto Saviano, Daniele Vicari, Paolo Virzì,
garagErasmus, Gioventù Federalista, Europea

Gian-Paolo Accardo/VoxEurop
Ulrike Guérot/European Democracy Lab
Gabor Horvath/Népszava
Jacopo Iacoboni/La Stampa
Eric Jozsef/EuropaNow!
Marc Lazar/Sciences Po-Luiss
Marta Lempart/Polish Women’s Strike
Jean Quatremer/Libération
Andrea Pipino/Internazionale
Michael Zichy/Universität Salzburg, 13.10 promoter


Message de Bernard GUETTA
“Il est minuit moins cinq…”


To defend our democracy, join forces and demand a more united, more popular, more federal, and more sympathetic Europe!
EuropaNow! supports the 13-10 movement’s call to action (

After the European Picnic to revive European patriotism, held on October 6th at the Internazionale Festival in Ferrara where we met philosopher and initiator of 13-10, Michael Zichy, it’s time to take to the streets with a multitude of organisations and young Europeans.

Don’t underestimate the threat from those who want to build new walls.
It’s time to take action together and demand more democratic and social rights.

We want a new Europe, Now!

Our video

Sixty years from the signature of the treaty of Rome we made this video to celebrate ‘the most extraordinary political invention of modern History‘. In collaborazione con Voxeurop


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